WBGO Art Gallery

Beats, Rhythm, Movement and Color  
Curtis Grayson III
On display 04/05/18-06/05/18
Gallery Reception Thursday, May 31, 6-8PM

B.  Curtis Grayson, III, has had the desire to be an artist at an early age. Whether it was drawing with his first crayon or watching his favorite TV sitcom “Good Times” as J.J. (Jimmy Walker) created masterpieces on his easel.  He later learned that all the artwork shown was from The Ernie Barnes’ Collection.  His demand for education in the arts continued. With his undying faith in God, Grayson has been Blessed to realize his dream. With his desire and talents, he is one of the most inspiring and up and coming artist today.

One of Grayson’s most celebrated series of work is his “Revelations Series,” a dedication to Alvin Ailey’s signature dance piece. One of the pieces in the collection entitled, “Dance of August” can be seen in the HBO production of Terri McMillan’s novel Disappearing Acts, starring Sanaa Lathan and Wesley Snipes, which premiered December 2000. Recently Grayson's work was commissioned for the McDonald’s 365 Black History poster to salute Black Media Legends. A poster was distributed throughout the tri-state area. In 2013 Grayson’s artwork was selected to be featured in the highly anticipated “BEST MAN 2” the follow-up sequel from Director Malcolm Lee with his original supporting cast. Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, Terrance Howard and Taye Diggs. 

Mr. Grayson was selected to be the featured artist for a mural project at the Newark Municipal Court Building for “New Community Solutions” This project was completed with several of Mr. Grayson’s former students from Weequahic High School. Grayson’s work was also featured in several other murals around the city of Newark Prudential arena parking lot. He works with oils, acrylics, watercolors, collage and other mixed mediums.  He uses bold, brilliant and bright hues, which display power and energy with each brush stroke. His paintings are filled with intense emotion and feeling.

Mr. Grayson was born in Montclair, New Jersey, but experienced his education in East Orange and Newark. In 1987 he graduated from the prestigious Arts High School of Newark. Furthering his education, he attended William Paterson College and in 1993 received a Bachelor of Arts in African Studies.  A need to incorporate the arts on another level lead Grayson in 1995 to create his company called Kemetic Expressions, a company created to uplift, educate and change the negative images of the African-American Experience by specializing in the “CULTURE.”

This company serves as publishing and distributing of Grayson’s artwork.  As an artist, Grayson carefully studies how life affects the African American community and people as a whole. He feels that the role of an artist is to be a recorder if time.

Grayson’s work has been exhibited at numerous galleries. When he is not painting, he enjoys spending time with his family. Grayson teaches at Columbia High School as the A/P Studio Art Teacher. 

Beats, Rhythm, Movement and Color 

This exhibit is very special to me as an artist. My art palette has bold, brilliant colors. With a touch of mix medium collage which creates texture and harmony. Brush strokes, as well as fabric, incorporates movements in each painting. As an artist, I find heavily influenced by artists such as Pablo Picasso, and Benny Andrews in addition to breathing my style into my artwork. 

The paintings that you will see will consist of an array of jazz improvisational juke joint scenes, jazz greats which will make up a complex complete series of ideas of an ongoing jazz series that the artist continues to create his expressive voice on canvas. Southern roots run deep from my soul into the art. Each painting is melodic spectrums of storytelling captured on canvas and while using a spiritual Northern urban hip flow to his style to connect with all generations. 

This show represents a high level of concentration and perseverance through tough times. Laser focus was needed while constant disturbing distractions and life challenges. I had strict deadline, achievement what I have accomplished. “The roses smell sweet even though I endured the pain of all the thorns which I have acquired during this journey. Hopefully, I have created a substantial body of artwork; which will create a warm sense of humility as you the view hears beats that would remind you of great songs or create a visual image of the place of memories.

Newark’s Prodigal Son returns back to Newark to immerse himself back into the art scene which has now finally started back to show resurgence to the Brick City Art Scene. 

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