WBGO Art Gallery

Images Of Jazz the View Beyond The Music 
The Photography and Poetry of H. Alonzo 
On display 01/05/18-03/31/18
Gallery Reception Thursday, March 8, 6-8PM - POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER

H. Alonzo Jennings was born in Paterson, NJ and raised in Georgia, Paterson and Passaic, NJ. Alonzo is a retired teacher of art who dabbles in photography and poetry, He is a collector of vintage jazz recordings, a jazz aficionado, and raconteur. He is a graduate of Montclair State University BA Art Ed ‘68’ and Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University MPA ‘72’. 

The exhibit title Images Of Jazz the View Beyond The Music refers to the Sublime and ethereal places the music can take the listener. A Place where time, space and the daily rituals of life are muted. Where he engage the sheer joy of being, the ecstasy of oneness. 

Beyond the Music
Jazz music in its purest form, at its highest level, is honest, unadorned, emotional, intellectual, technically magnificent and above all spiritual. The musicians/ artists who play at this elevated level understand this implicitly. They imbue each performance with the essence of their souls. Theirs an act of transcendence, to move beyond the coils of physicality and commune with the spirit.

His objective as an artist/ photographer is through his art. In which he provides a visual record of those sublime moments of transcendence.  He tries to connect with the musician and the spirit as one. Allowing his camera to take the viewer to another place and time. The photographs in this exhibit provided a limited retrospective of his passion. They are split between the early works 1976-1987 and the 1990s and Early 2000s-Present. 

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