If vegetables are the monarchs of nutritious eating, fruits have always been part of the royal court — not quite as important, but still worthy of respect. But now that nutrition guidelines are cracking down on sugar, some people are questioning fruits' estimable role in a healthy diet.

Heavy downpours this summer have caused some flash flooding and lightning strikes damaged some buildings, but overall the weather has been relatively tranquil.

New Jersey state climatologist Dave Robinson says the summer has not been excessively hot and ample rainfall has prevented drought concerns.

"We've saved on our electric bills especially the last couple of weeks without much heat. In some cases, we're saving on the water bills by letting Mother Nature water the lawns and water the gardens."

Roger Sherman: In Search of Israeli Cuisine

Aug 5, 2017
Roger Sherman
Roger Sherman for WBGO

Roger Sherman has produced a documentary that makes an extraordinary journey through Israeli kitchens, restaurants and vineyards. The movie, In Search of Israeli Cuisine, explores the ancient and modern farming and cooking techniques created by the polyglot of people who migrated to Israel or never left.  The film opened March 24th at the Lincoln Plaza Cinema in New York and in theaters around the country.

Sherman says he found a wealth of tasty treasures in Israel:

Ang Santos / WBGO

Fado is rooted in Portugal.  Its tales are vast, with the power to reduce people to tears.  Nathalie Pires is the first American fado singer to tour internationally, and subject of a new short film, ‘Echoes of Fado’, from Newark based film makers Yuri and Igor Alves.

Bryce Millington
Bryce Millington for WBGO

West Orange High School graduate and soccer star Bryce Millington is headed to the University of Chicago to major in pre-med and to play for the soccer team. 

Millington, a Write On Sports alum, returned to a WOS summer camp at Montclair State University to talk to the kids.

The All State soccer player wants to be a doctor in the future, possibly a neurosurgeon.

Mildred Antenor
David Tallacksen for WBGO

WBGO Journal commentator Mildred Antenor wonders why black women are so hostile to each other.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Michael Bourne for WBGO

Theater critic Michael Bourne heads back to Shakespeare in the Park for the latest production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

LGBT advocates in New Jersey joined U.S. Senator Cory Booker at an event in Asbury Park to protest President Trump's push to ban transgender individuals from serving in the U.S. military.

Transgender Kearny resident Jennifer Long is a retired Army Sergeant Major who served in the military for 30 years including combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. She says forcing transgender service members out of the military could have a serious impact.

You'll notice it when you pull up to the pumps. The price of gasoline is going up, and an analyst says it could get even more costly.

Tom Kloza is the global head of energy analysis at the Oil Price Information Service in Wall, New Jersey. He says the recent seven-dollar-a-barrel increase in the cost of crude oil has pushed gasoline prices higher by about 15 cents a gallon in a month.

The American Cancer Society says New Jersey has advanced polices to prevent smoking-related problems, but needs to do more.

Brian Shott with the Society's Cancer Action Network says nearly 12,000 people die every year in the Garden State because of tobacco use.

He hopes the state Senate will give final approval to a bill dedicating one percent of New Jersey's cigarette tax revenue to smoking prevention programs.

Sheila Oliver's name will be on the November ballot in New Jersey as the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor. In a precedent-setting move, Democrats also plan to have her run for re-election to the Assembly.

Democratic party officials say a state regulation prohibiting candidates from accepting nominations for more than one office in the same election does not apply because Oliver was selected by Phil Murphy as a running mate, not nominated by petition.

Seton Hall public affairs professor Matthew Hale says that move might be challenged.

Ang Santos / WBGO

New Jersey Attorney General Chris Porrino says almost 4,775 deadly firearms were taken off the streets in a recent two-day gun buyback.  The state’s biggest haul yet.

“1,973 handguns, roughly 1,000 shotguns, roughly a thousand rifles, and 129 assault weapons,” Porrino said

Nearly 900 of those guns were collected from the location in Newark.

A New Jersey lawmaker wants to make it illegal for stores in the state to deny cash payments.

Assemblyman Paul Moriarty says he was inspired to introduce his legislation after learning that Visa wants to give retailers cash incentives for accepting only credit card payments.

"I believe the move towards cashless retail is discriminatory towards people that don't have high incomes or can't actually get credit, can't get a credit card, also towards young people who haven't established credit yet."

Ara Parseghian
University of Notre Dame Archives

Legendary Notre Dame football coach Ara Parseghian, died on Wednesday at age 94. When Parseghian took over at Notre Dame, the Irish were coming off a 2-7 record. In his first season, they finished 9-1 with their only loss to Southern Cal. The program would go on to win two national championships in his 11-year tenure.

One of his more well-known players was Rocky Bleier who was a part of the 1966 National Champion team at Notre Dame. 

A newly-formed coalition of consumer, business, and environmental groups is opposing ratepayer-funded subsidies for nuclear power plants.

Evelyn Liebman with AARP New Jersey says some power companies are seeking the subsidies from the state to increasing the profitability of their aging nuclear plants.

“If New Jersey ratepayers are saddled with these new taxes, not only does it hurt our state economy, but it presents a competitive advantage for other states that are in the grid whose ratepayers are not paying those kind of new taxes.”

Ang Santos / WBGO

Eating at an American BBQ is where Australian born director Matthew Salleh decided to tackle the reason why people are so fascinated with cooking food over fire.

U.S. Senator Cory Booker is introducing legislation that would legalize marijuana at the federal level.

The New Jersey Democrat says the Marijuana Justice Act would reverse decades of a failed drug policy that's had a devastating impact on low-income Americans and minorities.

Booker says violent crime is down and revenue up in the eight states where pot is legal.

Some New Jersey lawmakers and advocacy groups are urging the Christie administration to fill six vacancies on the 13-member Board of Nursing.

Avery Hart is a public member of the Nursing Board. She says insufficient staff and funding are holding up about 4,000 trained professionals awaiting their nursing license or home health aide certification.

In a rare summer session, New Jersey's Assembly passed several bills in response to the recent three-day government shutdown during the state budget impasse.

A measure requiring state beaches and recreation areas to remain open for the first seven days of a budget-related shutdown won unanimous support.

Assemblyman John McKeon says that would prevent inconvenience during a 4th of July Holiday weekend.

New Community Corporation

 After the civil unrest in the summer of 1967, Newark’s public housing outlook was bleak…it was at that time that New Community Corporation was founded by Monsignor William Linder with hopes of creating affordable housing. Hear Linder recall the days following that summer of 1967.


Monsignor Linder’s new memoir is titled Out of The Ashes Came Hope. 

Bob Hennelly for WBGO

Listening to Wall Street based business reporting you would believe that the nation’s foreclosure crisis is in the nation’s rear view mirror. But a WBGO investigation has found that here in New Jersey in places like Newark and East Orange foreclosures are hollowing out entire neighborhoods.

A recent meeting in East Orange brought out  local activists committed to helping their neighbors hold on to their homes.

Zeno Mountain Farm
Jon Kalish for WBGO

Every July developmentally disabled adults spend a month at a unique summer camp in Lincoln, Vermont. Some of them get to live in wheelchair accessible treehouses.  Campers are raving about Zeno Mountain Farm.

Money Talks
Michael Bourne for WBGO

WBGO Theater critic Michael Bourne reviews Money Talks.  The musical comedy is playing Off-Broadway.

Republican for Governor Kim Guadagno has picked Woodcliff Lake Mayor Carlos Rendo to succeed her as Lieutenant Governor.  Rendo is wasting no time taking shots at the policies Democrat Phil Murphy is putting forth.

"Phil Murphy has proposed a $75 billion increase in government spending.  He has promised to raise taxes on everyone to pay for everything from government run healthcare to a state run bank.  We know what happened the last time we had an out of touch Goldman Sachs millionaire run this state," Rendo said referring to former NJ democratic governor John Corzine.

Ang Santos / WBGO

Former Goldman Sachs executive Phil Murphy picks Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver to be his Lieutenant Governor on November’s Democratic gubernatorial ticket.

“Sheila Oliver shares my vision for a state that once again is fair, is just, is welcoming, is inclusive, and has an economy that not only grows, but ensures that everyone can participate in that growth,” Murphy said.  “Sheila has the breadth of experience needed to meaningfully contribute to turn our state around.”

Over 60 films are screening at various locations across Red Bank, New Jersey this week.  Along with those movies are a string of community events.  Jay Webb co-founder of the Indie Street Film Festival says they find creative ways for moviegoers to mingle with filmmakers.

Ang Santos / WBGO

Green Party candidate for Governor Seth Kaper-Dale says 3rd parties have a history of underperforming in elections, but in this case, he likes his chances against the Democrat and Republican choices.

“I only have to go up against two people and one of them is a Goldman Sachs poster boy, and the other is a Chris Christie poster girl.  We should be able to beat those two,” Kaper-Dale said.

Sam Schwartz
Allan Wolper for WBGO

Sam Schwartz is known worldwide as Gridlock Sam, a nickname the media gave him for his role in drawing up ways to navigate the congested corners of New York City. He designed the traffic patterns around the Barclay Center in Brooklyn the streets around The World Trade Center, and engineered traffic circles in Aruba.

Schwartz started his life in traffic as a cab driver in Brooklyn, dodging the other yellow cabs before landing a job in city government, eventually becoming New York City’s traffic commissioner.

Bud Lee Archives / Sergio Waksman Design

Media coverage of the 1967 Newark Rebellion depicted chaos in New Jersey’s largest city, but many people who were there say some major inaccuracies were reported as fact.

“Sniper Fire from open windows kills two policemen a fire captain shot in the back while answering a false alarm and several bystanders. Officials say the snipers, some not believed to be Newark residents use guns stolen from a local rifle factory.  Even machine guns were used,” said one movie house newsreel following the Newark riots.

Steve Sandberg / For Senator Bob Menendez

The BEACH ACT requires the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that   the most up to date standards are being used to test beach water for contaminants.  Congressman Frank Pallone says right now that’s not happening.

“Most of the time it takes about twenty-four hours.  Our bill would allow for four hours, or try to mandate a four-hour test so people would know even quicker,” Pallone said. Then they can go on the website or they can find out from the media whether they can swim in a particular location.  Then when it’s cleaned up, they know that it is and they can go back.”