More than 94,000 New Jersey residents with criminal convictions are not allowed to vote.  Civil rights groups are pushing for that to change.

Blacks make up about 15 percent of New Jersey's population but represent about half of those who cannot vote because of a criminal conviction.

Senator Ron Rice says that disproportionately reduces the political power of black communities because of systemic racism in the criminal justice system. 

A former Rutgers student has pleaded guilty to launching the cyberattacks that shut down the server used for communications between faculty and students. 

William Fitzpatrick is the acting U.S Attorney in New Jersey.  He says 21-year-old Paras Jha of Fanwood was a student at Rutgers when the attacks occurred between November 2014 and September 2016.

New Jersey Governor-elect Phil Murphy has selected a member of the Assembly to be the next state Treasurer.

Murphy says Assemblywoman Elizabeth Muoio is the right person to help him with his first order of business when he takes office in January, preparing a balanced budget and growing the economy with policies that support the middle class.

Murphy wants New Jersey to return to being the state it was years ago.

After six years of increases, participation in the school breakfast program in New Jersey fell by two percent this year.

Cecilia Zalkind , the president of Advocates for Children of New Jersey, says some schools are backing away from serving breakfast in the classroom during the first few minutes of the school day.

“There are leadership changes. There are people who have this perception that it’s too difficult to do that. And our experience is this is it. This is the way to reach the most kids.”   

New Jersey could become the first state in the nation to have a Sikh-American as its Attorney General.

Governor-elect Phil Murphy is nominating Bergen County Prosecutor and former Assistant U-S Attorney Gurbir Grewal to be New Jersey’s top law enforcement official.

Murphy believes Grewal will protect immigrant communities from discrimination, stand up for the LGBT community, protect air and water from a hostile EPA, and defend New Jersey’s gun laws.

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Governor-elect Phil Murphy says the Gateway Tunnel project is one of his administration’s top priorities, and it will take co-operation between state and federal government to get it done.

“It’s a game changer for New Jersey.  It’s a game changer for New York.  We want to unlock those keys and get that up, funded, and running.”

US Senator Bob Menendez rues what he calls a lost opportunity to build a new Hudson River rail tunnel under current Republican Governor Chris Christie.

Alcoholic beverages might be available at more New Jersey theaters if a bill passed by a state Senate committee becomes law.

New Jersey law now allows non-profit corporations that conduct musical or theatrical performances in a theater with at least a thousand seats to apply for a special liquor license.

Senator Patrick Diegnan says his bill would lower the threshold.

Legislation advanced by a New Jersey Senate committee would allow towns to use digital parking meters, but those meters would not be permitted to issue an electronic summons for parking violations.

Dan Phillips with the Administrative Office of the Courts says a pilot program in Palisades Park that allowed digital meters to automatically issue summonses resulted in a big increase in tickets.

Cheryl Lee / The Captain Mark V. Lee Christmas Fund Drive

Since the mid 1980’s, the Jersey City Fire Department Engine 10, Ladder 12 have gathered for a Christmas fund drive.  The head of Santa’s sleigh was Captain Mark V. Lee Sr., a 9/11 first responder that suffered from respiratory failure in the following years.

“When my husband became ill, he asked my son and I if we would continue this Christmas drive.”

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Theater critic Michael Bourne reviews several shows that don't shed positive light on President Trump, including a new play starring Oscar nominee Uma Thurman.

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Thursday was the 76th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  More than 23 hundred Americans were killed on that early Sunday morning.

The Newark Yoga Movement has been trying it’s best to reduce stress around the city for a number of years. 

“And in regard to the schools which is our primary focus, it was really to try to help children perform a little bit better academically and feel better personally," said Debby Kaminsky, founder of the Newark Yoga Movement.  Her classes are regularly visiting students and teachers in city classrooms ranging from K-12.

New Jersey may soon have its first statewide law to regulate the use of drones.

Senator Paul Sarlo says the drone industry is growing fast and and it’s time to regulate the unmanned aircraft systems to prevent problems.

His bill would make it a disorderly person’s offense to operate a drone while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

New Jersey’s Pension and Health Benefit Study Commission has issued its final report on reforms it says are needed to prevent public employee benefits costs from overtaking other budget priorities.

Commission member Tom Healey says despite unprecedented levels of funding and the dedication of the state lottery to the pension plans, the state’s estimated unfunded liability is now $90 billion, $10 billion more than in 2014.

A Fairleigh Dickinson University poll finds a majority of New Jersey residents believe opioid addicts suffer from a treatable disease rather than a lack of self-control.

Only 20 percent of New Jersey adults surveyed say they’d oppose having a treatment center in their community for those addicted to painkillers while 72 percent would support it.

Fairleigh Dickinson pharmacy practice professor Anastasia Rivkin says that’s a shift in public perception. 

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Here's the transcript of this edition of SportsJam with Doug Doyle featuring Ashley Cole:

Doug Doyle: We’re here in New York City for this edition of SportsJam, and what a special edition it is. Ashley Cole, the legendary footballer is here to talk to us about a special event coming up right after this interview. You’re heading over to Harlem to dedicate a new field. The kids are going to go crazy when they see Ashley Cole. Tell us how Chelsea F.C. gets involved in community activities like this.

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The Office of the New Jersey Medical Examiner says there were more than 2,000 drug related deaths in New Jersey last year.  A majority related to drugs like heroin and its stronger synthetic counterpart fentanyl.  Dr. Andrew Kaufman with the University Hospital Comprehensive Pain Center in Newark says the state’s northern counties have had better success dealing with overdose.

A New Jersey lawmaker has introduced legislation that would eliminate the $10,000 limit on the amount of property taxes that can be deducted on state income tax returns.

Republican Senator Joe Pennacchio says allowing the full amount of property taxes to be deducted on New Jersey tax returns would soften the blow of Congress’s plan to limit federal tax deductions. And he hopes Governor-elect Phil Murphy supports it.

A New Jersey lawmaker has introduced legislation to ban nondisclosure agreements that conceal the details of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg says keeping sexual harassment settlements secret allows perpetrators to continue their abusive behavior.

“Their names are never put out there. Companies continue sometimes to cover for them, continue to provide the resources to settle the lawsuits, and the environment is not changed because the perpetrator is not punished in any way.”  

New Jersey lawmakers are examining whether to act in the final weeks of the legislative session to provide some financial help for nuclear power plants in Salem County.

Public Service Enterprise Group CEO Ralph Izzo says low natural gas prices have hurt the profitability of the Hope Creek and Salem nuclear power plants and he might shut them down in two years.

“We believe it is cheaper to keep nuclear power than to watch it close. We are not asking for a bailout. We’re asking you to join us in correction of these market flaws.”

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Theater critic Michael Bourne reviews Broadway's The Band's Visit and Desperate Measures off-Broadway.

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A multi-agency task force has arrested 79 alleged child predators in New Jersey.

Two new things helped uncover the evidence.

For the first time, a new mobile forensics lab was deployed to assist authorities who executed search warrants at suspects’ homes.

Lt. Jon Powers is the supervisor of the cybercrime unit.

“There’s a lot of sensitive electronics, very expensive devices. Being able to keep them inside our own controlled facility makes everything that much better for us. It also expedites the discovery of the evidence that we might be looking for”

New Jersey is considering banning the sale and possession of a firearm accessory that was used in the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas two months ago.

Bump stocks can allow semiautomatic weapons to fire more rapidly. Assemblywoman Annette Quijano says that puts law enforcement and residents in greater danger.

“There’s no need for bump stocks as accessories to be anywhere in New Jersey. The state of New Jersey bans bump stocks for a reason, they’re weapons of war.”

Dolores Phillips with the Ceasefire New Jersey gun control group supports the measure.

Some New Jersey lawmakers are proposing legislation to give residents the constitutional right to a healthy environment.

Assemblyman Tim Eustace says the constitutional amendment would require government officials to ensure that any action on development protects the environment.

“With the climate in Washington we have to make sure New Jersey protects itself. We have more Superfund sites than any state in the country. As the EPA is dismantled, we need to protect ourselves.”

A reverse mortgage can help seniors stay in their homes longer by allowing them to borrow money against the value of their home to supplement their retirement income. But a New Jersey lawmaker wants to make sure borrowers know the consequences before signing the documents.

Assemblyman Dan Benson says his bill requires a lender to make sure a borrower learns about specific issues and terms of a reverse mortgage before a final application is accepted.


A new art exhibit at Aljira in downtown Newark is bringing social justice advocates together to bring attention to the issue of mass incarceration.

Recent statistics from the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey show there’s over 35,000 people living behind bars in state penitentiaries. ACLU Criminal Justice Transparency Fellow Portia Allen Kyle says that comes at a cost of about 55,000 dollars for each incarcerated person per year.

Arthur Browne
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In 1973, Arthur Browne became a copy boy at the Daily News.  Now 44 years later he is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of New York City’s home town newspaper.

In the past four decades, Browne has covered the city’s most compelling stories…as a reporter, a columnist, editorial page editor and editor, investigative editor, managing editor, and now editor-in-chief and publisher.

Politico calls Browne the “tortured heart and soul” of the newspaper.

New Jersey’s legal battle to permit sports betting at racetracks and casinos will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday.  Governor Chris Christie says he’ll be in the courtroom to hear the arguments.

Christie says it’s a states’ rights issue.

This year's New Jersey gubernatorial election was the second most costly in state history.

The $79.1 million spent on the June primary and November's general election was exceeded only by the $88.1 million in the 2005 race when Jon Corzine and Doug Forrester spent a lot of their own money on their campaigns.

New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission executive director Jeff Brindle says heavy spending this year was inevitable.