Watch Guitarist Lage Lund Kick Off New Season of The Checkout Live at Berklee

Oct 3, 2017

The Checkout Live at Berklee kicks off its new season with guitarist Lage Lund. Watch him showcase all new compositions during this intimate performance — working with drummer Johnathan Blake, with whom he has played with for over a decade, and bassist Jared Henderson, a new member of his trio.

Henderson came recommended by his former teacher, Ben Street, who also mentored Lund at the Berklee College of Music. Lund, who originally hails from Norway and is now based in New York, graduated from Berklee in 2000. This special Checkout Live webcast and performance was captured at Cafe 939's Red Room in Boston.

Music Mix: David Tallacksen
Video: Berklee Video Services

Hard 8s
Haitian Ballad
Suppressions (featuring Johnathan Blake)
Interview with Simon Rentner
Ray Ray
Interview with Simon Rentner