Vote By Mail In NJ Becoming More Popular

Oct 3, 2017

Election Day is still five weeks away but some New Jersey residents have already cast their ballot.

Registered voters can vote by mail for any reason.

Jesse Burns, executive director of the League of Women Voters of New Jersey, says it's becoming more popular.

"Having election day Tuesday a set amount of hours isn't really that convenient for a lot of people and the kind of life that we live now, kids and work and things like that. So knowing that you can vote ahead of time on your own schedule is a lot more convenient for our modern society."

In 2003 only 2.5 percent of the votes came from mail-in ballots. In the 2015 election it was up to 9.8 percent.

Burns acknowledges some disadvantages to voting by mail.

“A lot of people like the community feeling of voting at the polling place, so you lose a little bit of that. There’s no guarantee that something won’t happen to your vote by mail ballot in the mail system. It might get lost. It might not make it there on time.”

And Burns says some voters might want to wait until Election Day to see if the candidates do anything that would make them change their opinion about how to cast their ballot.