Smokeless Tobacco Might Be Banned At NJ Public Schools

May 19, 2017

New Jersey Statehouse

New Jersey might ban the use of smokeless tobacco on school grounds.

Legislation to prohibit the use of that product in any area of a public school building has been advanced by the Assembly Education Committee.

Frank Belluscio with the New Jersey School Boards Association says the bill is in the interest of students’ health and safety.

“In many cases, young people just might not be aware. They’re not inhaling smoke and they might feel that chewing tobacco is like chewing bubble gum when in fact it does run the risk of both oral and throat cancer.”

If the measure is enacted, violators would face fines up to a thousand dollars.

Students who use smokeless tobacco on school grounds would not be fined, but would be prohibited from participating in all extra-curricular activities and have their student parking permit revoked.