A Record Warm February In NJ

Mar 1, 2017

Spring flowers getting an early start because of the warm weather.
Credit Phil Gregory

It didn't seem much like winter in New Jersey last month.

State climatologist Dave Robinson says it was New Jersey's warmest February since record-keeping began in 1895.

"The average temperature In February was only about a degree lower than an average March temperature. So, we had March in February this year."

Robinson says a persistent weather patterns caused the record warmth.

"We just couldn't lock in any cold air. The polar jet stream just wanted to stay to the north. Every once in a while a storm would come though the eastern United States and pull some cold air in behind it for a couple of days, but then we'd be back in the warmth again."

This month might not be another record setter. Robinson says some weather models indicate by mid-March temperatures will be average or below normal.

Statewide snowfall this season is about 60 percent of normal accumulations. But the northern third of the state had almost the average amount for February, just about 10 inches.