Ragweed Season Getting A Late Start

Aug 16, 2017

ragweed plants

It won't be long until ragweed starts causing problems for people with allergies.

Dr. Leonard Bielory is an allergy specialist at the Rutgers Center for Environmental Prediction. He says all the moisture in the air recently has delayed the usual early August onset of the ragweed season.

"As long as it rains, ragweed will not pollinate into any considerable amount at all. Then once it dries up, we're going to blossom. So, we expect the next week to really be the real beginning of the ragweed season."

Bielory says about 75 percent of Americans who have allergies are allergic to ragweed that can cause nasal congestion and watery eyes.

"People should be aware now and if they are allergic to ragweed, the nasal steroids would be worthwhile taking one or two doses before the true onset to decrease its impact. The same thing with oral antihistamines."

Bielory says the ragweed season will last two-to-three months until there's a frost that kills the plants.