Poll: Voters Say Christie Among NJ's Worst Governors

Nov 6, 2017

Governor Chris Christie

A day before New Jersey voters select a new governor, a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll shows they're ready to say goodbye to the current one.

Poll director Krista Jenkins says only 17 percent of voters surveyed approve of Chris Christie's job performance while 73 percent disapprove.

"By comparison Governor Christie's predecessor left office with approval numbers that were also upside down, but Jon Corzine still had a higher approval rating when he left office than Governor Christie does now, with numbers that were more than double those for the current governor."

41 percent of voters believe Christie has been one of New Jersey's worst governors. Only 4 percent say he's been among the state's best leaders.

Jenkins says a majority of voters believe conditions in the state have deteriorated since Christie took office.

“Areas where we see double digit increases in the direction of things worsening include the state’s transportation system, ethics and honesty in state government, the state’s environment, taxes and spending, and finally the state’s reputation to outsiders.”

37 of voters percent believe Christie has had no real accomplishments.