Phil Murphy Has Record Number Of Petitions To Get On Ballot

Apr 3, 2017

Phil Murphy arrives at NJ Division of Elections
Credit Phil Gregory

Former Goldman Sachs executive Phil Murphy has filed a record 43,000 petitions to get on the June primary ballot as a Democratic contender for Governor of New Jersey.

Fairleigh Dickinson political science professor Peter Woolley says Murphy is the clear front runner for the Democratic nomination.

"He's trying a bit of shock and awe, I think, trying to demonstrate to anybody who might come out and offer in particular financial support to his competitors, that it is futile."

Monmouth University political analyst Patrick Murray says the boxes of petitions reinforce indications that Murphy has the Democratic nomination locked up.

"This is just chest thumping. It's no more than that. It's a show of strength against of your opponents to give that appearance of inevitability."

Even though he's won the endorsement of all 21 Democratic county committees in New Jersey and has a big lead in the polls over other Democrats in the race, Murphy is not overconfident.

"I take nothing for granted ever. I don't take one vote, one signature, one policy idea for granted."

Murphy says he will participate in the primary debates.