NJ Senate Condemns Trump's Immigration Orders

Feb 6, 2017

Lawmakers and advocates say the resolutions are significant.
Credit Phil Gregory

The New Jersey Senate has approved symbolic resolutions condemning President Trump's now-stalled executive orders on immigration.

One resolution opposes building a wall along the southern U.S. border and the ban on the entry of immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries. 

The other measure expresses the legislature's intent that colleges continue to serve as safe zones to protect students and their families from action by immigration agents.

Imam Mustafa El Amin from Newark believes the resolutions will have a significant effect.

"There's nothing more touching than to know that you have support from legislators. These people that we have elected are stepping forward for justice, for goodness, on support of the Muslim community as well as anyone else."

Ashraf Latif leads the National Islamic Association Masjid and Community Center in Newark. He commends the Senate’s action.

"Because of everyone who has risen and supported, it has given us so much strength. We never though that a time will come in our state where we have to pass such a resolution. It seems so obnoxious, but reality is here."

Senator Nia Gill says the resolutions send a message.

“The President’s executive order cuts through the heart of our nation’s soul. Our actions and this body’s response will show future generations that we stood in this moment, and we stood for justice.”