NJ Search And Rescue Team Deployed To Assist With Harvey Recovery Effort

Aug 28, 2017

Specially trained New Jersey search and rescue crews are on their way to assist Texas flood victims.

Laura Connolly with the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management says 16 members of New Jersey Task Force 1, three members of the State Police, six boats and five trucks have been deployed to Texas.

"They'll be assisting with swift water operations, with people that drove into floodwaters and are trapped, or they could be going door to door and rescuing people with the boats that we have. So, they'll be taking care of all those water operations down there."

Connolly says the response team members did not hesitate to help out after Harvey hit.

"These people volunteer their time. They have full time jobs. A lot of them take their vacation time just to even do the training or they spend their weekends training. It's just a real passion that they have, to help people.  So when the call went out, there was absolutely no hesitation."

The New Jersey crew could be in Texas up to two weeks. Other team members are on standby to relieve them if necessary.

Connolly expects the costs of the deployment will be reimbursed by the federal government.