NJ Officials Oppose Offshore Drilling

Aug 17, 2017

Congressman Frank Pallone

New Jersey officials are standing up against President Donald Trump's offshore oil drilling proposal.

Congressman Frank Pallone says a spill from drilling off the Jersey coast would endanger the shore.

"The problem is that President Trump and the Interior Department seem to think that they should be able to drill anywhere, anytime. They're very oriented toward fossil fuels and they're not big advocates and they don't prioritize renewables."

Bill Curtis is the mayor of the Ocean County shore town of Bay Head. He says offshore drilling could have devastating consequences.

"We cannot let that happen. Our beaches will be destroyed. Just one oil spill will ruin the entire Jersey Shore and beyond and will kill the fishing and will kill all of the ecological factors that exist in our ocean." 

State Senator Paul Sarlo says the plan to open coastal waters to oil drilling poses a clear and present danger to the economy. He says New Jersey's $45 billion tourism industry and $8 billion fishing industry support about 50,000 jobs -- and they could be irreparably harmed by an oil spill.

Governor Christie says energy exploration and development off the Jersey coast pose too many unacceptable risks to the environment and the health of residents.