NJ Move Over Law Could Expand To Trash Trucks

Mar 10, 2017

Senator Jennifer Beck
Credit Phil Gregory

New Jersey’s ‘move over law’ could be expanded to include garbage trucks.

Drivers in New Jersey are already required to reduce speed and change lanes when approaching a police car, ambulance, or tow truck parked along a roadway with its emergency lights flashing.

Legislation sponsored by Senator Jennifer Beck would extend the law’s protections to sanitation vehicles.

‘I think it’s common sense and fairly simple, but has the potential to make a great impact locally for our public workers.’

What would become Michael Massey’s Law is named for an Ocean Township public works employee who was picking up a trash can when he was struck and killed by a car that went by his garbage truck.

Assemblyman Dan Benson says expanding the move over requirement could make a difference.

“Any of us who’ve been out on our way to work in the mornings or even sometimes just during the day as they’re making through, particularly when schools let out, you’ll see drivers do all sorts of things trying to make it to their destination not always thinking about the safety of those around them. Hopefully this bill will prevent further tragedies.”

The National Waste and Recycling Association is making an effort to implement similar legislation across the country.