NJ Lawmaker Wants To Prevent Stores From Denying Cash Payments

Aug 2, 2017

Assemblyman Paul Moriarty

A New Jersey lawmaker wants to make it illegal for stores in the state to deny cash payments.

Assemblyman Paul Moriarty says he was inspired to introduce his legislation after learning that Visa wants to give retailers cash incentives for accepting only credit card payments.

"I believe the move towards cashless retail is discriminatory towards people that don't have high incomes or can't actually get credit, can't get a credit card, also towards young people who haven't established credit yet."

And Moriarty says transition fees for credit card use could drive up the cost of goods.

He's not aware of any stores in the state that have moved to cashless payments and says he wants to be proactive in stopping that. 

He’s hoping the legislature will act on his proposal in the fall.