NJ GOP Congressmen Split On Flood Insurance Vote

Nov 15, 2017

Congressman Bill Pascrell

Republicans in the New Jersey Congressional delegation were divided when the House of Representatives voted to pass legislation to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program.

The legislation would increase flood insurance premiums for many property owners to fund a program stressed by frequent storms.  It would also make it easier for private companies to get in the flood insurance market.

Congressman Bill Pascrell voted against the bill, saying it does not apply the lessons learned from Superstorm Sandy.

“We should not allow companies who profited off Superstorm Sandy victims while committing widespread fraud and failed to meet their basic obligations under the National Flood Insurance Program to sell their own flood insurance.”  

Congressman Frank LoBiondo admitted the program has problems but also voted against the measure.

“I’m angry and I’m disappointed that I have to fight with my own party on these issues. I’m sick and tired of having to defend the people in my district and the people in the Northeast from policies that don’t mean the right thing for us.”

Congressman Tom MacArthur supported the legislation.

“It reduces the mandatory annual cap on premium increases. It brings more accountability. And it doubles the mitigation coverage from 30,000 to 60,000.” 

The National Flood Insurance Program expires December 8th. The bill to extend is awaiting action in the Senate.