NJ Enviromental Leaders Oppose Trump Budget Cuts

Aug 17, 2017

Environmental leaders and government officials oppose the budget cuts.

Environmental groups and New Jersey officials are urging Congress to reject President Donald Trump's proposed 30 percent cut in the Environmental Protection Agency's budget.

They expressed their opposition to Trump's plan in Brick Township at the base of a bridge that was wiped out by Superstorm Sandy nearly five years ago.

Ed Potosnak leads the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters. He says the budget cuts would put the state’s environment in grave danger.

"With more than 40 percent of New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection dependent on federal funding, it's more important than ever that Congress gets together to push back against the draconian Trump budget proposal and ensure full funding for the agencies we count on to protect our health and the environment." 

Brick Township Mayor John Ducey says the proposed cuts put the public at risk.

"Any reduction in funding would threaten the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens and have potentially significant health impacts from poorly monitored drinking water that could result in public health emergencies. We do not want to see that happen."

Cindy ZIpf with Clean Ocean Action says the budget cuts would eliminate federal money to monitor beaches for bacteria and protect the coast from storms.

“Instead of cutting funding that makes sure our kids aren’t swimming in sewage, instead of cutting funding that makes sure our fish are safe to eat, instead of cutting funding that put families at risk from climate change, cut corporate subsidies.”

Environmental leaders say Trump’s proposed cuts could reverse decades of environmental progress.