NJ Coalition Opposes Nuclear Plant Subsidies

Aug 2, 2017

Environment New Jersey director Doug O'Malley

A newly-formed coalition of consumer, business, and environmental groups is opposing ratepayer-funded subsidies for nuclear power plants.

Evelyn Liebman with AARP New Jersey says some power companies are seeking the subsidies from the state to increasing the profitability of their aging nuclear plants.

“If New Jersey ratepayers are saddled with these new taxes, not only does it hurt our state economy, but it presents a competitive advantage for other states that are in the grid whose ratepayers are not paying those kind of new taxes.”

Tony Sandkamp owns a cabinet woodworking company in Jersey City. He's worried that the subsides would increase power costs for small businesses.

"It can have a significant impact on our bottom line, and it means less money for inventory, for operating expenses, for payroll, which means less money for jobs."

Environment New Jersey director Doug O'Malley says giving subsidies to nuclear power plants could hinder the move toward more clean energy.

"Our concern is that if New Jersey is going to be providing a nuclear bailout, it's going to crowd out other investments including energy efficiency."

The coalition says unlike some nuclear plant in other states, those in New Jersey are profitable and are obligated to keep operating for the next three years.