NJ Business Coalition Opposes $15 Minimum Wage

Nov 2, 2017

Even before the election of a new governor, a coalition of business groups in New Jersey is mobilizing to oppose any big boost in the state's minimum wage.

A business owner in a 60 second ad from the Protect Jersey Jobs coalition says to stay competitive he can't raise prices.

"If some Trenton politicians have their way and pass these mandates, I'm concerned I would have to cut employees hours or their jobs."

Governor Christie vetoed legislation last year that would have raised New Jersey's minimum wage to $15-an-hour by 2021.

Democrat Phil Murphy supports phasing in a $15 minimum wage to ensure full-time workers don't live in poverty.

Republican Kim Guadagno opposes the idea, saying it could hurt the people it's trying to help by eliminating some service sector jobs.

The state's minimum wage rate of $8.44 an hour will rise to $8.60 in January.