NJ Bill Would Ban Nondisclosure Agreements In Workplace Sexual Harrassment Cases

Dec 5, 2017

Senator Loretta Weinberg

A New Jersey lawmaker has introduced legislation to ban nondisclosure agreements that conceal the details of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg says keeping sexual harassment settlements secret allows perpetrators to continue their abusive behavior.

“Their names are never put out there. Companies continue sometimes to cover for them, continue to provide the resources to settle the lawsuits, and the environment is not changed because the perpetrator is not punished in any way.”  

Weinberg says she’s not aware of any harassment cases involving members of the legislature.

“We do have a sexual harassment policy. I’ve asked the Office of Legislative Services to take a look at the policy and make sure it’s up to date and appropriate, and hopefully we don’t have that atmosphere here.”

Weinberg says similar legislation is being considered at the federal level. But she questions whether Congress would pass it and hopes the state legislature enacts her proposal.

“This is an environment that has gone on for much too long. I don’t think there is a woman that I know my age or much younger who hasn’t witnessed some of this in the course of their life. And it’s time to make it stop.”