NJ Assembly Leaders Call For Civility in Politics

Jun 16, 2017

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick and Speaker Vinnie Prieto

Top Democratic and Republican lawmakers in New Jersey's Assembly are joining to call for civility and respect in politics.

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick is urging those in leadership at every level of government to tone down the rhetoric.

"When public officials speak with disdain in their voice towards other public officials, that gives a license to the public to do the same, and even more."

Assembly Speaker Vinnie Prieto says politicians must work together to deal with the public's concerns.

"You can agree to disagree on some things but at the end of the day being civil and being nice to each other is the way to be and that's how we get to accomplish a lot of great things."

The New Jersey lawmakers hope the display of unity in Congress after the shootings in Virginia can bring an end to hostile partisan bickering.