NJ Anti-Hunger Coalition Question SNAP Cuts

May 23, 2017

Credit New Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition / Center For Food Action

President Trump’s proposed budget would cut $190 billion dollars from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. 

“Some of the people in the program now would no longer be eligible and no longer have access.  There won’t be enough money,” said Adele LaTourette, director, New Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition.  “Basically we’re talking about gutting the SNAP program.  Which is the frontline of defense against hunger.   I don’t know what the thinking is behind this except there isn’t much thinking.”

Adele LaTourette of the New Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition says more people would rely on food panties and soup kitchens to feed their families.

“Food pantries and soup kitchens were simply never created to be the frontline defense against hunger.  This is not the responsibility of charity.  Never has been. Never will be.  We will never be capable of filling this gap.  We will see a massive rise in hunger, homelessness, and desperate poverty.”

More than 800,000 people collect food stamps in New Jersey.