Newark Will Regain Control of Its Public Schools

Sep 6, 2017

During an press conference at NJIT on his birthday, Governor Christie says the city of Newark is ready to regain control of it's public schools
Credit Ang Santos / WBGO

Governor Chris Christie says the Newark Public Schools district has proven it has the programs, policies, and personnel in place to maintain progress in city schools.

“After more than 20 years of state control the progress made over the last six and a half years will afford the state the opportunity to return the Newark Public Schools to local control.  This is a watershed moment for Newark’s education community.”

Christie says the state board of education will vote next week to approve the transition of control back to Newark Public Schools.

“The state board of education with my encouragement is expected to approve the last two areas of state control, governance and instruction and program, to the people of the city of Newark”

State appointed Newark Public School superintendent Chris Cerf says that will set the plan in action to return local control.

“As the governor said and as the law provides, it will be a direction to the commissioner of education to prepare a transition plan.  When that plan has been developed and presented, that will be the moment that local control is returned.”

Cerf says this process will likely take several months.