New Way To Reduce Wait Times At NJ Motor Vehicle Offices

May 9, 2017

NJ Motor Vehicle Commission office

New Jersey plans something new to prevent delays at Motor Vehicle Commission offices.

The commission's chief administrator Ray Martinez says two mobile agencies will be available by the summer to be sent where needed in the state.

"We can bring those mobile agencies to do actual transactions. In situations where an office is down for some reason we can bring them in to augment processing or senior citizens locations or things like that."

Martinez says wait times have gotten shorter since last summer when computer problems resulted in long lines.

"Indeed, an overwhelming majority of our offices you won't experience more than a 45 minute wait time. We do have high wait times on Saturday, our short day, and at the end of the month."

Martinez says the Skip the Trip program that allows drivers to renew their license by mail has helped reduce wait times, but only about half of the eligible drivers take advantage of it.

He believes there would be even shorter waits if legislation is enacted to change the expiration date of a license to a driver’s birthday.

“What you continue to see is high volumes at the end of the month when all licenses expire and lower volumes at the middle of the month. We’d like to level that.”