Murphy Plans To End PARCC Tests In New Jersey

Jan 12, 2018

Governor-elect Phil Murphy

Governor-elect Phil Murphy wants to end the use of the standardized PARCC test in New Jersey.

New Jersey started using PARCC assessments to measure student skills in the 2014-15 school year.

At an elementary school in Asbury Park where he announced Lamont Repollet to be the next education commissioner, Murphy said it’s time to scrap those tests.

“We are asking Dr. Repollet to end the failed experiment that has been PARCC testing and create new more effective and less class time intrusive means for measuring student assessment.”

New Jersey Education Association President Marie Blistan says educators, parents, and students have raised concerns about the PARCC test.

“I definitely think that the entire testing system needs to be reviewed and absolutely I question whether the PARCC test is the appropriate test to use in any way, shape, or form here.”

During his campaign, Murphy said shorter tests should be developed with teacher input that would provide real-time feedback to teachers and students.