Menendez: Trump's Denial Of Russian Hacking Nonsense

Jan 10, 2017


Credit Alexandra Hill

New Jersey Senator and senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Menendez, is vowing to hold the Trump administration fully accountable when it comes to Russia-U.S. relations.

Menendez calls Trumps’ denial of Russian interference in the election nonsense and Says there’s never been such unanimity among the intelligence community. 

“If he undermines their credibility when he seeks to use their information in the future as a basis for action somewhere in the world the world will say wait a minute you said they weren’t credible, why are they credible now? So this is very consequential.”

Putin himself has sanctioned Menendez, who has fought against Russian aggression in Ukraine, to which Menendez referrers to as a badge of honor.