Guadagno Spending Final Days Of Campaign On Bus

Nov 2, 2017


With just five days before the election, the GOP candidate for New Jersey governor is on the road, taking her message to the people.

On a bus bound for 50 stops throughout the state, Kim Guadagno says the tour is allowing her to talk directly to voters about lowering taxes and keeping New Jersey from becoming a sanctuary state for undocumented immigrants.

"People are busy, they're living their lives. And we're trying to draw attention to the fact that there is a clear choice on Tuesday. That clear choice is higher taxes or lower taxes. I've been working very hard to get the message out for lower taxes and a safer New Jersey."

Democrat Phil Murphy advocates what he calls responsible policies for preventing gun violence to make the state safer.

Recent polls show Murphy has a double-digit lead over Guadagno. But she says her campaign's internal polling indicates she's closing the gap. And she's confident she can win.

"Very confident. People understand we have the momentum behind us. You've seen it already. Some of the Democrats have already jumped ship on some of Phil Murphy's more extreme left wing proposals like sanctuary state. And we're seeing the same thing in our internal polling."