Guadagno Releases New TV Ad

Sep 29, 2017

Kim Guadagno

The Republican nominee in New Jersey's race for governor is releasing a new TV ad.

In the 30 second spot, Kim Guadagno highlights her plan to cut property taxes.

"That's the difference between Phil Murphy and me. He's already said he will raise your taxes."

Seton Hall public affairs professor Matthew Hale questions whether her ad is connecting with voters.

"The way she's describing her property tax cut is pretty convoluted and pretty difficult to understand and it requires an audit of Trenton. I just don't that's catchy and grabby enough for people to believe that it's going to happen."

Montclair State political science professor Brigid Harrison says the property tax issue is a high priority for most New Jersey voters.

“Some voters are going to vote for anyone who promises to lower taxes. But I think a lot of voters are going to sit back and say, well, how specifically is this going to happen? They’re smart enough to realize if there are tax decreases, some programs have to be cut.”

Fairleigh Dickinson political science professor Peter Woolley says the property tax issue might not be enough to propel Guadagno to victory in November.

"It's the right focus especially for her base of Republicans. I think it'll reach a little bit beyond, but I don't think it'll have the broad effect she needs to get her over the hump and to win that race."