Get Ready for Brazil Week 2017 in Newark

Aug 30, 2017

Brazil Week kicks off another year at City Hall in Newark with a live musical performance.
Credit Ang Santos / WBGO

From exhibitions spotlighting Brazilian culture, to a film festival hosted at the Newark Public Library, there’s a little something for everybody during Brazil week 2017. 

“I’ve been doing this for twenty-five years.  It’s a great thing for the city of Newark because a large population of the Brazilian people here want to show the city who we are.”  said Jose Moreira, president of Newark’s Brazilian Day Festival.  “

Silvana Magda is the curator of various special Brazilian exhibitions around Newark.  In city hall this year, it’s all about female empowerment.

“This is the thirtieth year we are doing this in city hall,” said Magda.  “Brazilian culture is so diverse.  This is the combination of how to show the history of royal Brazilian women, their beauty, and how their power made a difference.”

One of several garments on display in a Newark City Hall exhibit for Brazil Week 2017.
Credit Ang Santos / WBGO

If you’re interested in Brazilian music, Magda says you’ll find plenty of opportunities to dance.

“There’s a lot of bossa nova, there’s a lot of samba, and a lot of world beats from Africa.  That’s what makes up Brazilian music.  It’s a combination of three elements.”

Brazil week in Newark peeks over the weekend with a two-day outdoor festival.  A particularly special event on Saturday for Brazilian Newarkers.  The corner of Chambers and Ferry Streets will be co-named Brazil Square.  Brazil week organizers Silvana Magda and Jose Moreira say the party doesn’t stop there.

“There’s so many different dishes and drinks to experience,” Magda said.  “The famous caipirinhas, it’s like a mojito but much stronger, churrasco, our own version of shish-kebabs, in Brazilian cuisine you eat till you drop.  There will be a lot of samba, a lot of beautiful people, and a lot of dancing.  It will be an amazing two-day event.”

Expect a whirlwind of Brazilian culture in Newark’s Ironbound this weekend.

“Everybody should come to our festival to see how we are warm,” said festival president Jose Moreira.  “With simple things we can make a party.  If you’ve got two cans and a hand, start shaking one and the other, you’re going to make a samba which will turn into a party.  In Newark you’re going to be in a safe place.  Be prepared; it’s going to be a party all weekend long.”

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