Former NJ Governors Push To Uphold Environmental Protections

Apr 4, 2017

Former Governor Jim Florio

Four former New Jersey Governors are urging the state's Congressional delegation to defend environmental laws.

Republican Christie Whitman says the Trump administration's proposal to slash the Environmental Protection Agency budget would hurt environmental enforcement and scientific research on what's acceptable for human health.

"While I know it's easy for people to say they hate regulation because it forces them to do something or spend money on a problem they may not think is real, I don't think they fully thought through the consequences of what's going to happen when we stop protecting our environment."

Former Democratic Governor Jim Florio says New Jersey's federal lawmakers need to make environmental protection a priority so it doesn't get lost amid all the controversial issues being considered in Washington.

"This budget reduction that's taking place is effective repealing our environmental laws because when you get rid of the personnel and money to enforce the law, you've effectively repealed the law."

Tom Kean and Brendon Byrne also signed a letter the former Governors sent to the Congressional delegation challenging them to support principles to protect public lands, water, air, and wildlife.