Flu Illness Still Widespread In New Jersey

Mar 1, 2018

New Jersey state epidemiologist Dr. Tina Tan

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the flu season may have peaked, it’s still making a lot of people sick in New Jersey.

State epidemiologist Dr. Tina Tan says there are high levels of flu illness throughout New Jersey, but there are some positive signs.

“We are starting to see that some of our areas that we’re measuring are starting to decrease such as emergency department admissions and emergency department visits that are associated with influenza-like illness.”

Dr. Tan says influenza type B cases are increasing in the state.

“Because we’re still seeing flu circulate right now and we’re starting to see flu type B pick up a little bit, it’s really important that if you haven’t gotten your flu vaccine to make sure that you still get it. Against B it’s considered to be more effective than some of the other components.”

Dr. Tan says it’s hard to predict just how long the flu will continue to be troublesome in the state, but it’s usually around until April or May.