Cooked Turkeys Popular With Thanksgiving Shoppers

Nov 22, 2017

Customers line up at Hinck Turkey Farm store in Manasquan to get their turkeys.

Preparing that big Thanksgiving Day meal can be a real chore.

Some shoppers have found a way to make it easier.

Manasquan resident Carole Lyons says buying a cooked turkey should help her have a more enjoyable Thanksgiving.

"You have to reheat it in the oven. When you put it in, you're able to run around, do other things, get the table set, prepare everything, enjoy your family's time. This way you could eat on time."

Sea Girt resident Mike Sullivan had a different motivation for his cooked turkey purchase.

"The reason we do this is because my wife is not a very good cook. Our dinner music is 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes." So we much prefer to order out."

The Hinck Turkey Farm in Manasquan sold about 2,000 fresh turkeys and expected to sell 550 cooked ones.  Owner Margie Longo says the demand was even higher.

“We could probably sell twice as much, but our farm couldn’t hold that many turkeys. We’re a small farm. We do our best. We start raising turkeys in September and the early fall we’ve been processing them right through.”

Many of the customers ordered their turkeys several weeks in advance.