Congressman MacArthur Expects Vote Soon On New Health Care Bill

Apr 19, 2017

Congressman Tom MacArthur

A New Jersey Congressman says a vote a new option for replacing the Affordable Care Act could come within a couple of weeks.

Tom MacArthur says he's working to move the latest Republican bill forward, proposing amendments to give states more flexibility to bring down premiums and increase the number of insured.

MacArthur says only a few specifics of the measure need resolution before it goes to the House floor for a vote.

“We’re down to the end. There’s just a couple of remaining things to be settled and we’re either going to get this done or we’re not. I don’t think this is going to continue on forever. So, we’ll see. The next couple of weeks will tell the story.”

He's fearful what will happen if Congress doesn't pass it.

"Insurers are not only leaving our state, we've gone from 6 to 2 in 18 months, but a third of counties in the United States now only have one choice, and that's with subsidies a federal court has declared are unconstitutional. If those subsidies end, the whole marketplace will fall apart."

MacArthur believes the fate of the health care bill will determine how aggressively Congress tackles tax code changes.

"If this heath care reform fails, I think it gets very hard to do anything that moves the envelope a lot in tax reform because there's going to be an aversion to having another stumble. So, I think how this goes really affects a lot of the agenda."