Community School Brings Hands-On Education to Kids

Jul 10, 2017

Voyagers’ Community School, located in Eatontown, NJ, was recently recognized by the Middle States Association Commission. The school received an accreditation on an elementary and secondary school level.

The school began in 2004, when Director, Karen Giuffre, saw her son in a public school setting, and wanted something more for him.

“If you walk into our classroom, you will see children engaged in the typical subject areas,” said Giuffre. “Reading, writing, math, science, history, foreign language, music, art and technology, but they are going to be discussing their ideas and learning. They are going to be moving about the room in projects. They are going to be moving with mentors and teachers. It’s busier space, but all of their senses are going to be fully engaged, and they are going to be innovative in their thinking, to think critically, and to really engage into what they understand are real world experiences.”

Now, 13 years later, Giuffre is already in the middle of creating her legacy.

“Any child who communicates well, and can be excited about their learning is a Voyagers’ kid,” said Giuffre.

Voyagers’ Community School offers a hands-on approach to learning with classes outdoor three days a week, while the other two the students sit and come up with what they feel they want to learn about.

“It’s a big difference, it’s definitely different,” said Voyagers’ instructor, Leslie Martin. “The students have a stronger voice here. It is really nice to encourage that, instead of gloss over it or suppress it. We are able to listen to the student voices, and validate them and have them shape their curriculum that way. So, you find the students are much more engaged when they find that they can affect change in their education. Their opinions, thoughts and ideas all matter. That’s part of their learning here.”

Students feel that going to Voyagers’ Community School is like going out with your family rather than being sent to school.