Christie Signs Sandy Foreclosure Bill

Feb 10, 2017

Sandy-damaged homes.
Credit Phil Gregory

Governor Christie has signed legislation to prevent mortgage foreclosures on homes damaged more than four years ago by Superstorm Sandy.

Amanda Devecka-Rinear directs the New Jersey Organizing Project founded by those affected by Sandy. She's relieved the governor approved the measure.

"I am so incredibly glad that we're going to see some relief for families. I am only sad that this didn't pass even two years ago because I know as many people as it will help there are a number of families for whom this is too late."

Christie calls the bill sloppily written, ill-conceived, and political pandering by the legislature, but says he signed it to give Sandy victims morsels of relief.

He says some of the requirements might delay recovery efforts and increase borrowing costs, and he vows to use his executive authority to repair the damage it could cause.

Devecka-Rinear says the law could help thousands of families.

"Everyday Sandy-impacted families have been fighting. We fought for two years for this legislation and it sounds like tomorrow we're going to have to wake up and fight to make sure that the governor doesn't limit its impact. But we're up for it, and we are encouraged."