Christie Optimistic About Sports Betting Supreme Court Case

Nov 30, 2017

Governor Chris Christie

New Jersey’s legal battle to permit sports betting at racetracks and casinos will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday.  Governor Chris Christie says he’ll be in the courtroom to hear the arguments.

Christie says it’s a states’ rights issue.

“We believe that states should have the right to determine for their selves what happens regarding gaming inside their own borders. I can’t say I’m ready to doubt we’re going to win, but I’ve never had any doubt that the cause we’re pursuing is the right one not only on the issue of sports gaming but on the broader issue of the rights of the states versus federal government.”  

Professional sports leagues say a federal law restricts sports wagering to just four states…Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana.

Christie says he’s cautiously optimistic.

“I think we made an educated risk and no matter which way it goes. I think it was the right decision to make. And, by the way, the will of the people who voted in a referendum in broad numbers that they wanted sports gaming in their state. So, part of this is also making sure that you execute on the will of the people that you represent.”

The Supreme Court’s decision in the case is not expected for several months.