Bill Would Permit Sparklers In NJ

May 8, 2017

Eric Turner represents the U.S. Fireworks Safety Commission

New Jersey lawmakers are considering legislation that would permit anyone 16 and older to buy and possess sparklers.

Eric Turner represents the United States Fireworks Safety Commission. He believes the measure is a safe way for New Jersey residents to have a 4th of July display in their own backyards.

"A sparkler burns about the same temperature as a blue tip kitchen match. If you touch a lit sparkler to your hand, it will burn. But to the best of our knowledge there has never been a death in the United States attributed to these products."

Turner says the legislation would not allow explosive fireworks or those that shoot in the air.

"It's not a nose under the tent. We don't have any intention of coming back in a year or two and say okay now that you've got sparklers we want to go to this bigger stuff."

The New Jersey Academy of Ophthalmology and the Firemen's Mutual Benevolent Association oppose the legislation.

47 other states already allow sparklers.