Bill Would End PARCC Test Graduation Requirement

Feb 13, 2017

Assembly Education Committee advances the measure

A New Jersey Assembly committee wants to end a requirement that high school students pass the standardized PARCC test to graduate.

Assemblywoman Mila Jasey says she introduced the measure because she believes regulations adopted by the state Board of Education last year are inconsistent with legislative intent.

"The PARCC exams to my understanding were always meant to assess and inform instruction, not to make decisions about graduation."

Camden resident Sue Altman says standardized tests correlate with income and requiring proficiency in PARRC tests to graduate from high school is unfair for students in low- income areas.

"New Jersey already has over 100,000 young people between the ages of 18 and 24 out of work. Policies that increase those numbers will hurt the youth in Camden and in our entire state. It is problematic to weaponize a test and weaponize education against our most vulnerable students."

Assemblyman Robert Auth says he doesn't like the PARCC tests but worries about eliminating the requirement without a replacement to ensure students get a thorough and efficient education.

"I'm so afraid for the students and their parents in the underperforming school districts that they're going to be abandoned by just leaving a vacuum."

The PARCC graduation requirement would be rescinded if both houses of the legislature approve the resolution.