Bill Would End Motor Vehicle Surcharges For Parking Violations

Feb 6, 2018

A bill being considered by New Jersey lawmakers would prohibit the Motor Vehicle Commission from imposing a surcharge on drivers who have their license suspended for failing to pay a parking ticket.

The $250 surcharge for three consecutive years could far exceed the amount for the parking tickets.

The legislation would limit the penalty for driving with a license suspended because of a parking violation to a fine of $100.

Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll says that’s a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t go far enough.

“We should have a provision that says your driver’s license shall not be suspended unless it’s for some offense that was committed respecting the ability to drive. Parking? Uh-uh. This has become a revenue raiser. As we have seen throughout the country, government by fine is a rotten idea.”

The Assembly Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to advance the legislation.