Allergy Sufferers Beware, Tree Pollen Is Intensifying

Apr 10, 2017

Dr. Leonard Beilory

The warm, sunny weather may be a welcome relief after all the cool rainy days recently. But it could cause problems for people with allergies.

Dr. Leonard Bielory, is an allergy specialist who tracks the pollen count in New Jersey. He says the release of tree pollen is intensifying now.

"Pollen is primed and pumping. We'll actually see about tenfold increase in pollen over the coming week. So even people mildly allergic will have intense allergy symptoms by the end of the week."

Bielory says tree pollen will persist into mid-May. Then grass pollen peaks and he expects that could be twice the usual amount.

But that doesn't mean allergy sufferers can't enjoy spending time outside.

“We’ve been cooped up for too long. It’s hard to tell people not to get outside, and I don’t like people being allergy crippled. If you take your proper medications ahead of time, you can enjoy the spring season.”